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General Name: Camptothecine
Trade Name: Camptothecine
Synonymous Name: Camptothecine
Chemical Name: 1H-pyrano[3?4?6,7]indolizino[1,2-6]quinoline-3,14(4H,12H)-dione,4-ethyl-4-hydroxy-(S)-
CAS No.: 7689-03-4
Specification: CP2000,98% min.by HPLC
Desciption and Usage: Product Name: camptothecin English title: Camptothecine CAS NO. :7689-03-4 Specifications: camptothecin content more than 98% Detection methods: HPLC Molecular formula: C20H16N2O4 Molecular weight: 348.36 Traits: pale yellow crystalline powder. Product features: enhanced purification technology, the purity of raw materials increased significantly, while stability of the products, heavy metals, residual solvent content below the national standard. Purpose: drug raw materials, camptothecin has antitumor effect on tumor (CTT) and tumor metastasis of certain differences of inhibition; Simultaneously with antiviral activity. Packaging specifications: according to the requirements of customers Storage: closed, shading, moisture-proof storage

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