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Service Introduction

As the stable development of global economy, the needs for custom synthesis products increase continually. The advantage of low cost in Asia absorbs the manufacturers on the field of fine chemicals in America and Europe. It results in that the centre of custom synthesis products transfers from West market in tradition to East market. As the primary market of chemical synthesis drugs in Asia, supplying the simple intermediates and API materials in China can hardly meet the needs of drugs manufacturers in America and Europe. We unite experienced scientists on the organic synthesis field and build a synthesis lab in Zhangjiang drugs valley in Shanghai. Our R&D team is consisted of several masters and doctors graduated from Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry and returnees with strong ability in literature searches, rich experience in organic synthesis and sensitive information in the field of new-drugs research. We can meet the needs of high added value custom synthesis products. Besides we have better relationships with local chemicals and drugs manufacturers, which make us expand to industrial production expediently and promptly.

We can provide you the service such as new product developing, process optimizing, synthesis scale-up, etc.
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