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General Name: Monocalcium Phosphate
Trade Name:
Synonymous Name:
Chemical Name:
CAS No.: 7789-79-9
Specification: HG2927-1999
Desciption and Usage: Use: Food Industry for baking products, cakes osteoporosis agent, bread, biscuits help fermentation agent, buffer, meat products organizations to improve agent, pectin curing agent, yeast food, nutritional supplements, chelating agents, and so on. For brewing, can enhance saccharification, and increasing fermentation capacity. Packaging: lining polyethylene plastic bags, jackets plastic bags, the net weight of 25 kg per bag. Storage and Transportation: should be kept in dry, ventilation, cleaning the coffers to prevent rain, damp, and toxic substances should be isolated dumps; The product shelf-life for 18 months.

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